“How do they do it?”

Mixing in your everyday environment has become the ‘norm’ in the modern age of the audio recording industry. The space can be treated or have minimal audio treatment, yet great records are being produced.

Today’s producers have chosen simple locations that can easily be modified and/or renovated, this process allows for creativity to flow and the vibe to flourish.

1.) Space

Know your space! Recording is a delicate process and must be taken seriously, especially if your desired result is a professional master.

2.) Environment

Comfortable seating, lounge, accommodations, refreshments; these things help make the space more inviting. Access to other amenities, such as: internet, bathroom, kitchen, parking – also adds value to your business.

3.) Lighting

Hard to create if you can’t see or your eyes begin to fatigue, due to lack of light and bright screens. The use of ambient lighting to soften the room or add natural light is a perfect example of accommodating for your clients; in the long run, they will appreciate the effort after spending long periods of time in the recording studio.

4.) Equipment

I cannot begin to express enough how important your selection of audio gear and software will play, it’s a vital role during your production process. Whether you decide to go analog (vintage) or keep up with the times and go digital – ultimately, the choice is yours. There’s an audio interface and a mixer out there for everybody, just make sure you take the time to thoroughly research your selected gear.

5. ) Software

Next to your equipment, the digital audio workstation (DAW) is like the command center of all the equipment and software, such as VSTs and sound libraries. This powerful tool will be used primarily for all of your work; having a deep understanding of your DAW will have a profound impact on your workflow.